On Hallowed Ground — Reviews

Final Rest

By Howard Shirley
November, 2009

. . . A book about a place that is unquestionably the most sacred military site in the national psyche. No battle was ever fought there. It saw no triumph of arms, no treaty, no surrender, no speech of resounding note—but its importance to the nation and the nation’s military is unequaled, because it is the final resting place of our most honored dead. Read more…

Books In Brief

November/December, 2009

Here is an intriguing history of a true American shrine. The first Soldier laid to rest at Arlington was buried on 13 May 1864, a month before Robert E. Lee’s family plantation became a national cemetery. Fifteen chapters bring home the immensity of the more than 300,000 people, from privates to Presidents, who are interred in the 624 acres.

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What Others Are Saying

Geoffrey C. Ward, author of The Civil War and The War: An Intimate History 1941-1945

“Vivid, compelling, filled with rich and unexpected detail, On Hallowed Ground tells the little-understood story of Arlington National Cemetery and in the process chronicles how we have honored—and sometimes dishonored—those who gambled everything on our behalf. Robert M. Poole is a fine storyteller and this is a great story.”